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The Return of Pestilence – A Different Bug Squash Game


The original “Pestilence” introduced an innovative idea of combining tilting with bug squashing, gameplay that is continued in the sequel too. “The Return of Pestilence” brings even more levels, more types of bugs, more weapons and obviously more fun!

The goal of the game is to exterminate as many pests as possible before they can reach the holes marked with red rings. The gameplay combines the ball-in-labyrinth style with the tap-to-squish bugs game type resulting in an addictive bug extermination experience.


  • Unique AI and physics based animation for ultra-realistic bug behaviour rendering (definitely not for users afraid of bugs)
  • Multiple types of bugs, some smaller but faster and easier to kill, others bigger, slower but tougher and so on
  • Real-time pseudo-3D shadows for each moving element
  • Powerups that allow you to freeze, saw, attract and destroy the bugs faster than rolling over them
  • Integration with Google Play Game Services to share your score with others and unlock achievements

Download The Return of Pestilence – an ultimate bug sqausher from Google Play!